14 Feb

Lipid Basics by Norine Arnold, PA-C

Dyslipidemias are abnormalities of lipoprotein metabolism and include elevations of total cholesterol, LDL-C, or triglycerides, or deficiencies of HDL-C.  It is currently recommended for patients 20 years and older to have a lipid panel done every 5 years.  For patients who are at higher risk, who are on certain medications or who are being treated for a dyslipidemia, more frequent checks are needed.

Cardiovascular risk factors include age, LDL & HDL cholesterol levels, smoking, elevated systolic blood pressure, sedentary lifestyle, a strong family history of premature cardiovascular disease, hs-CRP levels, and the presence of calcium in the coronary arteries.

A risk calculator is provided by NHLBI.  This calculator takes into account the most “proven” risk factors.  Discussing your score along with taking into account the other recognized risk factors can help you and your provider design the best treatment plan for you.